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School visits!

Over the course of 2015, Angelica Banks has had the great pleasure of visiting a number of primary and secondary schools. Often, due to time commitments, these visits are undertaken by one half of Angelica Banks  – but that’s another benefit of having two of us. In every instance we’ve discovered enthusiastic and inspiring teaching staff, and children with a million questions about how to write books, where our ideas come from, how to work together (and stay friends!) and what’s going to happen next in the Tuesday series…

On a recent visit to Princes Street Primary School in Tasmania, we discovered that the door to the classroom had become the door to The Great Library, and inside was this brilliant poster made up of 30 drawings by 30 students (an exercise in co-operation if ever there was one). Thank you to everyone at Princes Street for being a most wonderful school to visit.

If your class is reading one of the Tuesday books, please send us any pictures your class has created.

And if you’re a teacher and you’d like to organise a school visit, please email us on the contact page.

DSCN1424Princes St door