Finding Serendipity


The Guinea Pigs

Angelica Banks’s guinea pigs are a medley of short-hairs, fuzzy-wuzzy Rex breeds, and elegant long-hairs. Ron is the eldest of the gentlemen, and he shares a cage with young, white-haired Charles McFluffles and crested agouti, Woody. Woody’s mother, Coco, is the only one of the girls who gets on with absolutely everyone else in the cavy world. Our most glamorous longhaired guinea pig is Mary “Milo” Kostikidis, a satin coronet in white and several exquisite shades of slate. We love the elegant strands of white in her crest, but wish she didn’t have a white bum, as it’s very difficult to keep clean for shows. Milo loves a good smoochy cuddle, but will kick you if she thinks you’re being too rough with the hairbrush on her silky locks. Later this year, we hope that she and her mate Crumpet will have a litter of little ones. While Chino sports the fancy-pants name of “Canopus Cappuccino” on show days, at home on the lawn, she’s just “Chino”, or “pork chop”. Honey, with her wild multicoloured locks, is affectionately known as “puffball”, while Sprinkles, with her Cleopatra eyes, is among the prettiest guinea pigs you will ever see.