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Blueberry Pancakes Forever launched in the US & Germany!

We’ve had such a busy start to the year – and then our website lost all sorts of information in an auto-upgrade (as Baxterr would say ‘Grrrrrr” ). So our apologies for the big gap in the posts. There was news but it’s been lost in cyberspace…

However the most pressing information missing is the launch of Blueberry Pancakes Forever in the US and Germany. So here are some pics of the three books in their different designs – and of course with different German titles.

We love the fairy tale magic of the German editions. And we love the illustrations of Stevie Lewis in our US editions. Here’s a little peek for those keen to see but who might not have access to our US editions.

IMG_9801 IMG_9817

IMG_0005 Tues & Serendipity(1) IMG_0003 Collette arrives (1) IMG_0004 (1)